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Do you feel like you are on a treadmill, running fast and going nowhere. You are busy building your business with the latest tools that you picked up from Social Media and Google but your business still isn't getting the traction that you need. STOP and take a breath. Let's talk about what you need. First, you don't need another ebook on how to market yourself on social media, how to build your brand, or how to develop your online course in 60 days. You need a well thought out plan with strategies and built-in accountability. Here's your first step. Open your free account below to take a listen or a look at one of my free trainings to help get you back on the right path. Then if you feel connected to work together let me help make your business journey easier and smoother by providing you with a complete business road map with the five essential elements to grow your business. What are you waiting on, set up your free account today. This is the year to stop talking about transforming your business and life and actually do it.

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Keep in the know about the lastest trends within the business and personal development world in my weekly blog. Follow along with me on the journey to ``Have It All``. Comment, share, and re-tweet those posts that resonate with you the most. We'd love to hear from you.

T. Renee Smith
June 8, 2018

Design Your Business Around Your Life

T. Renee Smith
May 25, 2018

5 Steps to Building an Authentic Brand

What People Say

Are you tired of getting disappointed by what other coaches and business programs claim they can deliver. Wouldn't it be great to get a personal recommendation on a coach that just gets you and the struggles of being a wife, mom, and business owner all at the same time. Well read what my business girlfriends have to say.

stephanie dawn_resized

Stephanie Dawn

Celebrity Make-Up Stylist for Steve Harvey
Prior to working with T. Renee’ I was at a point of complete frustration. I am a go-getter and don’t believe in quitting anything but was at the end of my rope with writing my first book. I felt like I was all out of ideas and had said everything I needed to say. The questions that T. Renee’ asked me unlocked my creativity and pushed me to delve more into my topic. She also taught me that I needed to tell my personal story in order for readers to relate and emotionally connect with me. After each session I had a renewed sense of energy, creativity and momentum. I walked away with a ton of ideas and tools to push myself.

Dr. Joyce Lewis & Dr. Dorothy White

Greater Atlanta Family Healthcare
T. Renee has an amazing ability to problem solve.The biggest fear we had before working with T. Renee was that we weren't going to get results. Instead, things have changed in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Our revenues have increased by 15%; our staff is operating more efficiently and we are working less. Our entire team feels empowered. T. Renee has a true gift for pulling out the best in people. She is very firm, but kind. You will not regret working with T. Renee. She is a true gem and worth every bit of what she charges. It is one of the best investments you will ever make.

Turanza Jackson

Jackson Educational Consultants & Solutions
My favorite part of working with T. Renee’ is how she breaks information down into a conversational fashion. Before working with T. Renee' I was in the beginning phase of learning how to structure my business, deciding which services to offer, and knowing who my target audience should be. Since working with her I have gained clarity, narrowed my focus, and know how to invest my time and energy. I am more focused on operating in areas that I enjoy and am passionate about. I highly recommend T. Renee' for clarity, strategy, and accountability. She pushes you to your full potential.

Regina Nunn

Keller Williams Realtor and First Time Home Buyer
I loved T. Renee’s step-by-step method for showing me how to set realistic and achievable goals for my business. I am very cautious when it comes to investing money into training and coaching programs. However after reading T. Renee’s blog post and watching her online training videos I decided to sign-up for one of our coaching programs. Within our first two sessions T. Renee' helped me map out my entire bsiness for the year. She helped me identify income opportunities, create a product funnel and sales process. She is on speed-dial It's great to know that I have someone like her on my team.

Kat Bohnsack

Spiritual Teacher & Owner of A Balanced Life
Prior to working with T. Renee I felt very stuck. I knew I needed better organization and a more professional feel however I did not know how to achieve that. Now I feel like I actually have steps to take and know a direction for my business. I became very clear on my big WHY and what I am meant to share with the world. What I like most about working with T. Renee is her positive attitude, encouraging ways, and the break down to business basics. For the first time I truly feel I have a honest blueprint for what I want my business to look like now and in the future. I would highly recommend working with her.

Katherine Jordan

Savvy ID (Interior Design Services)
T. Renee' provides so much value to her clients that are lost in their business and lacking specific direction/guidance. She provides 100% clarity every step of the way. T. Renee is truly a business strategist. She helped me experience many light bulb moments. Prior to working with T. Renee I felt other coaches didn’t understand my challenges in being a wife, mother and entrepreneur. I had tons of ideas with no place to start. Her coaching has helped me gain clarity and shape my ideas into a plan that I can implement. Without this knowledge I would still be stuck in the cycle of trying to determine where and how to start.
Latrice McNeal_resized

Latrice McNeal

Performance Mindset Institute
I felt other coaches didn’t understand my unique challenges in being a wife, mother and entrepreneur. I resonated with T. Renee's focus on having it all. Her coaching helped me gain clarity and shape my ideas into a plan that I can implement. While working with T. Renee' I gained clarity on who I want to serve, how to serve them and how to tailor my message while remaining authentic. I would highly recommend T. Renee' as a coach. She is knowledgeable, personable and professional and helps you challenge your limiting beliefs. She encourages your spirit and helps you connect with your true purpose.

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